Lesson 1 - Get to know your machine

  • Safe sewing tips

  • Learn about different machine parts and how they work

  • Machine set-up and adjusting thread tension

  • Machine maintenance, clean and oil

  • Stitch capabilities of machine, zigzag, stitch length etc.

  • Practice controlling speed, stopping and starting and practicing on calico with thread

Lesson 2 - Different seams and finishes

  • Sewing a flat seam, an open seam and a French seam and learn when it is appropriate to use each seam for different fabrics

  • Sewing a stitched hem, a double turned hem. Other hem finishes




The essential course is for anyone wishing to learn to sew. This comprehensive course covers machine set-up, maintenance of equipment and trouble shooting, how to control your machine and get to know its stitch capabilities. You will also learn about different seams and finishes, pattern cutting and by the end of the course you will have made a complete garment using all the skills you have learnt.

This course will have you well on the way to altering, repairing and producing beautiful garments for yourself and your family. You will find this course very enjoyable whilst learning a worthwhile skill for life. Once you have made your first garment this course will have you addicted to sewing!

If you want to learn Sewing in Sydney, then this course is for you.

Course content

  • Machine set-up and maintenance

  • Basic sewing and pattern cutting

  • Machine techniques and applications

  • Sewing a complete garment

Sewing essentials.JPG

Lesson 3 - Learn about patterns and cutting

  • Discuss a commercial pattern and get to know the terminology on the pattern and what all the various markings are

  • Fabric selection and spend some time learning about the perfect fabric/pattern design marriage

  • Cutting efficiently and learning about why some fabrics must be cut a certain way i.e. stretch fabrics, velvets, cords and one-way prints

Lesson 4 - Machine techniques

  • Various machine techniques will be covered in this lesson, like gathering, pleats, pockets and various other applications

Lesson 5-6 - Individual project work

  • You will have a choice of a range of simple garments which will be discussed at the beginning of the course


By the end of this course you will have:

  • learned how to maintain and make adjustments to machines

  • learned basic sewing and pattern cutting skills

  • made a complete garment